You will choose to sponsor a young person from the SAROBIDY Center in Antananarivo. We thank you. You will accompany this teenager in secondary education after passing the primary school certificate. It took a lot of effort to pass this exam. Coming from a family often single parent and in permanent social danger, sometimes born of an unknown mother, without identity himself but raised by a close relative, he will have followed a school education in an environment much more difficult than the environment in which live our children. The facilitators of the SAROBIDY Center will have helped him to overcome many obstacles.

Thanks to you, he will be able to obtain the BEPC or perhaps even the Malagasy BAC and continue university studies or he will follow professional training.

The schoolboy will send you one or two letters a year and we can send him yours. You will also receive his report card and comments from the teachers. You can also go see him in Madagascar if you wish.

However, in the face of daily difficulties, the parent who raises him may decide to go to the provinces where he thinks life is easier. In this case, the young person will no longer be in school. Or even, the latter may drop out of the school circuit despite the support of the Sarobidy Center. You will be notified of this event and can decide to stop or transfer your support to another child.


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